Born of Defiance

The League Series - Book 9

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - June 2015

This story is part of the League series, but does mostly stand on its own. It can be read out of order, but as is so often the case, it is most enjoyed if you've read the previous stories. Also, there are spoilers in this book for the previous stories.

Talyn Batur had made a name of himself in the ring. The Iron Hammer, he had beaten everyone he had fought against. It was just life that kept giving him killer blows. His parents may come from families whose names were prestigious, but as his father was Outcast, and since his father's family didn't claim him, he was about as low in the Andarion caste system as could be.

He had joined the military, but was shunned and hated by his superiors. The only good thing in his life was his mother. But he had nobody else. That was why when he saw the picture of Felicia Orfanos he knew he had to have her. Not just for her body, he wanted a friend. Someone who worried about him, someone he could talk to.

Felicia couldn't believe her luck. She had feared Talyn from the stories she'd heard about his viciousness, but he seemed sweet, shy even. As she got to know him, she quickly abandoned her mother's teachings and started to fall for him. But Talyn's career put him in danger. Not just his fighting, but one of his supervisors was constantly out for Talyn. She would fight for him, when he couldn't, but she quickly learned that it wasn't just a battle to be won. All Andarions were on the brink of a revolution.

Born of Defiance takes readers back to the beginning. The setting is during the events of Born of Night, which is important to know or it might be a little confusing when you start. Talyn is a typical Kenyon hero in that he has had abuse and hatred poured over him, but he has always had a mother's love, and he truly is a gentle soul. Granted with a warrior's body and determination to protect those he loves.

Born of Defiance is an action packed futuristic romance that will leave readers psyched as this truly is a lead in to the next League story.

Kathy Andrico -


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