Fantasy Lover

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 1

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - February 2002

Paranormal Romance

Son of the goddess Aphrodite, Julian Macedon had been one of the greatest generals in Ancient Greece. But not only had he been a mighty warrior on the battlefield, he had possessed similar skills in bed. No woman could look at him and not want him. But as often happened to those blessed with gifts from the gods, a curse had befallen him. He was trapped for all time in a book, destined to be the love slave of the woman who called him. He was at her mercy for a month - to do whatever she willed.

Sound like some classic Greek Tragedy - well Grace Alexander certainly thought so. It took a night of pizza, beer and her best friend Selena's needling for Grace to break down and "call" Julian to her. Feeling more than slightly foolish, she definitely never expected a gorgeous naked man to suddenly appear before her.

Julian had never been summoned by a woman such as Grace. Many who had summoned him had in fact treated him as the love slave he was - to the point of denying him food and chaining him. But here was a woman who didn't want him for sex. No, that wasn't true - she was definitely having the same carnal thoughts he was, but she was more interested in him as a person. Centuries ago, Julian had resigned himself to his fate, but now he wanted more. He wanted a chance to free himself from this prison of torment.

With gods and goddesses poofing in and out, and a Harley driving Cupid who drops in to lend his help, Fantasy Lover has a cast of characters to rival Homer's Illiad. The plot is refreshingly unique and keeps the reader entertained from cover to cover.

Kathy Andrico -