Dream Warrior

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 29

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - February 2009

He was Cratus, the son of Warcraft and Hate. He had been a sentinel of Zeus. He had stood proud, defiant, as he awaited his punishment from Zeus. For millennium, he had been alone, scarred and tortured. All for his one great crime - he had spared the life of a baby.

Now, the fate of everyone - human, and god alike - rested on Delphine's ability to sway Cratus to help them. As one of the few Dream-Hunters not captured or dead, plus the fact that she hadn't been involved with Cratus's condemnation, she was the only hope for everyone.

However, the enemy already had the advantage. First, Cratus hated the gods. Second, they could offer him what he had lost. With his lineage, Delphine could easily see how Cratus might choose to fight against them.

What she hadn't counted on was that this was still the man who had knowingly chosen his path in order to save a baby.

Dream Warrior was an action packed read with surprises on every page. This story continues the transition into the second "arc" for this series. New characters were introduced, and somewhat obscure characters seem to be entering the spotlight. The romance was touching, and the readers will be begging for stories for characters who have yet to find their "mates". Without giving any spoilers, seeing what is planned with a certain couple of characters will leave readers anxious for the next book.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com