The Dream-Hunter

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 20

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - February 2007


Disclaimer - Fiction - Not Romance - per the Publisher

Many of Dr. Megeara Kafieri's family had died in the elusive search for Atlantis. Hurt had turned into anger, and Geary had lashed out at her father. It wasn't until after his own death that she realized that he had been right. He had found remnants of that ancient civilization.

There are many who want to keep Atlantis hidden. It has been through their efforts that Atlantis has not been found, but the consequences of their actions have often been death. Yet their motives are not necessarily unwarranted. Hidden deep below the waters surrounding Greece is a secret which should not, must not, be freed.

After being turned down again for a permit for their search, Geary was surprised to find a man overboard. Even more astounding was that it was someone whom she had seen in her dreams. But Arikos was a Dream-Hunter who had made a deal with Hades to become human. He would give Hades a soul, Geary's soul, to be human for two weeks. As a Skotos, he was cursed to not experience emotions, so he visited humans in dreams and relieved them of their excess emotions. Now, he was experiencing the joy of being with Geary, watching her triumphs and sharing her passions. Yet it was with a feeling of dread that Arik started to feel guilt and internal conflict for the pact he had made.

Sherrilyn Kenyon has introduced her fans of the Dark Hunter novels into the world of the Dream Hunters with the aptly named The Dream-Hunter. We learn more about some familiar characters, and are introduced to several fascinating new people and "Others" whom I hope we will read about again. The storyline of making a deal with Hades could be a bit off-putting for many readers, but Ms Kenyon has brought the myth of Hades to life in a very entertaining manner. I eagerly await more in this sub-series to the Dark-Hunters.

Kathy Andrico -