Dark-Hunter Series - Book 48

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - August 2017

Falcyn didn't much care for anyone or anything. He had brothers, one who had even betrayed him by permanently separating him from his son Maddor. The one exception was his grandson Blaise, but Blaise wasn't aware of their actual relationship, and considered Falcyn an older brother. When he was approached to give his dragonstone to save some lives, he had no intention of doing so. And not just because they were Daimons and a threat to humans.

Medea had once loved, then lost her husband and child. She had seen the effects of betrayal again and again. After all, her own grandfather had cused her race. They had a choice of dying a horrible death while still young, or turn Daimon. But something was killing her people and if she couldn't find a cure, they would die.

So she came to her brother Urian, and his solution involved the annoying Falcyn. It would be hard enough to convince Falcyn to help them on a good day. Today? Not so good. Suddenly, a group of them were swept away to another... Dimension? Time? Somewhere else a lot more dangerous than anywhere they'd been before.

Dragonsworn was an engaging journey as this group encounters various challenges, friends, and foe. Medea is not apologetic, and feels that her pain is justification for being evil. Luckily for readers, although she is with the Daimons, she doesn't act overly evil for a heroine. Falcyn was a fascinating hero, as is his relationship with Blaise. It is fun watching as Blaise bonds with a woman they meet on their adventure. Dragonsworn definitely has a twist for fans of the series on whether or not they will want Medea to succeed in saving Daimons.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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