Dark-Hunter Series - Book 46

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - August 2016

Edilyn ferch Iago had a dream, or rather she had two dreams, one impossible, the other, apparently even less probable. The first was to have her parents back, but she had been orphaned young and knew they were gone forever. The second was to be a warrior, and never partnered, in any manner, with a dragon.

Illarion Kattalakis hated humans. He had been brutalized by them, forced into the human form and betrayed. He had his family, fellow dragons who had stood by him and helped him, but he cared naught for anyone else. Until the day she came into his life. A mere human whose tiny form captivated him, but whose generous heart healed the scars no other could see. She made him believe that perhaps not all humans were beyond redemption.

Edilyn was Illarion's one true love. She enchanted him body and soul, until Illarion knew that there could never be another. But the dragon, and the once dragon-hater had cheated fate, and as in the majority of Greek tales, only tragedy awaited.

Dragonmark does more than just pick up where Dragonbane left off. Dragonbane had left readers wondering about the fate of Illarion. In Dragonmark, we are transported back in time to witness his history, his love, and his loss which explains his actions in Dragonbane. Readers will also enjoy revisiting scenes from previous books, but now from Illarion's point of view.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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