Dark-Hunter Series - Book 44

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - August 2015

Maxis Drago protected those he cared about. He'd cared for his siblings, he had defended those who gave him sanctuary and a new home, and he'd given up everything for his wife. That was until she'd betrayed him and he had left her in the past, forever. But that was the trouble with immortality, the past can never be forever away.

As if he was living in a nightmare, Seraphina strode into Sanctuary with her Amazon family. Traitor that she was, Max hated her even more now than he had when he'd last laid eyes on her. He might contemplate revenge on her, but he would never harm his mate. Then he learned the truth of why she had sought him out. And there was nothing that would hold back a dragon's vengeance.

Seraphina knew she'd been wrong in the past. She had chosen her family over her mate. She had shown that she was ashamed of his heritage as opposed to proud of the fierce warrior he was. She had claimed to love him, but had not proven her love. She had no right to expect forgiveness, especially when he learned the truth of what had been stolen from him all these years.

Dragonbane was a fascinating ride between the past, present, and who knows where else. We learn Max's history, how he became what he is, his relationship with his family, and so much more. He was the epitome of a hero, but Seraphina was a bit hard to accept as a heroine considering all she had done to Max. Over and over, Max had given all he was to her, but she hadn't been able to accept the gift he was offering, himself. Until it was too late. But Max and Seraphina have a second chance, and, thankfully, Seraphina does rise to being the perfect heroine for Max. As with all Dark Hunter stories, this story completes, but there is a backstory cliffhanger that may make readers a tad more anxious than normal for the next Dark Hunter story.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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