Devil May Cry

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 21

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - August 2007


It really wasn't easy being a god or goddess. First, there was the treachery and deceit that often came with beings that had tremendous amounts of power. There was also the political infighting between the different pantheons. When someone finally made it to the top, there was always someone else nipping at their heels to take over.

Sin had been a Sumerian god, and they had been at the top. Then, he had been betrayed, had his powers removed, and abandoned. The Greek pantheon had defeated the Sumerians. Unfortunately, Sin was now the remaining Sumerian who could defeat the demons that had once been captured, but were slowly escaping.

Once again, Katra had been sent to protect Artemis from Sin. Yet having known Artemis for all her ten thousand or more years, Kat also knew that she didn't necessarily tell the truth, or more importantly, the whole truth. What she finds is, sure, Sin still wishes nothing more than to kill Artemis, and Kat cannot have that, but Sin is fighting a battle alone that if he loses, all humanity is at stake.

Devil May Cry is another amazing addition to the Dark-Hunter stories. It is impossible to read this story and not feel empathy for Sin. He had been betrayed by almost everyone, and, understandably, trust was not freely given. Yet he continued to battle on alone in hopes of saving everyone. It was fascinating learning about Katra. She loves her family so much, which is impressive given who they are, and she uses that unselfish love to heal the unseen wounds on Sin's soul. Also, in the further development of the Dark-Hunter world, pivotal secrets were revealed that this reader was eager to learn.

Kathy Andrico -