Death Doesn't Bargain

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 50

Deadman's Cross Series - Book 2

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tor - May 2018

Although set in the world of the Dark Hunters, it is a historical somewhat removed from the main series, and can be read out of order from the Dark Hunters series. However, it is highly suggested to read the first Deadman's Cross book Deadmen Walking as it is strongly tied to that.

The Deadmen had become a motley family of sorts, and one of their own had sacrificed himself. Their enemies might be fierce, but never come between a woman and her man. Well, he might not be officially her man, but Cameron Jack would stop at nothing to save Kalder Dupree.

Kalder never expected anyone to come for him. And even once he is rescued and among the not-quite-living, he was even more shocked each time Cameron turned to him. She seemed to want to be with him, even looked at him with admiration in her eyes. Kalder knew better, she was too good for the likes of him. But that wouldn't stop him from doing everything he could to protect her. Even from himself.

That is, unless Cameron had anything to say about the matter.

Death Doesn't Bargain picks up right where Deadmen Walking leaves off. Kalder had traded himself to set Cameron, and her brother free. From there, the adventure continues as enemies, new and old, threaten the crew at every turn. I truly enjoyed watching as Cameron breaks through Kalder's defenses to prove they are meant for one another. And I eagerly look forward to the final story of this trilogy as although their romance is complete, there is a big cliffhanger at the end.

Kathy Andrico -