Deadmen Walking

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 47

Deadman's Cross Series - Book 1

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tor - May 2017

Although set in the world of the Dark Hunters, it is a historical somewhat removed from the main series, and can be read out of order from the Dark Hunters series.

Devyl Bane and his pirate crew of Deadmen have made a pact to protect the world from the evil beings that are breaking free of the ancient prisons that held them. The crew are an unlikely lot of heroes, but the most contentious relationship is that of Devyl and Mara. A woman whose people had devastated Devyl, and whom he had destroyed in turn. They are bitter enemies, tied for life and death, but working together.

Except one who is trying to break free is Mara's sister, the woman Devyl had married and who later betrayed him in the most brutal way. Mara has to decide whether to focus on the pain and hurt Devyl had inflicted on so many, or look past her preconceived ideas of who he was to the man who loved a sister, protects his crew, and is dedicated to saving the world.

Deadmen Walking is an action packed swashbuckling adventure certain to entertain. The pirate crew is a fascinating lot of men and women with varied histories as to why they are now each a Deadman. They are continually under attack by the most diabolical creatures unleashed by the evil they are fighting. Learning about the unique ship herself can be quite a surprise. Although the story does have a romance for Devyl and Mara, the beginning and a significant portion of the book is from a third character's POV. Her story isn't until the next book.

Kathy Andrico -