Dark Side of the Moon

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 16

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - June 2006

Paranormal Romance

An informant with bad information had been the downfall of Susan Michaels's career as an investigative reporter. She lost her job, her credibility - everything. So now she was reduced to writing articles about such topics as Boy Eating Moths at the Daily Inquisitor for an old friend Leo Kirby.

When she heads to the animal shelter to visit her best friend before investigating her newest assignment - I Work For An Immortal, Susan is shocked to learn that her friend's husband had wanted to meet with her to warn her that the police department is conspiring with vampires. Then to make matters even worse yet, she must take a cat home to keep up the appearance as to why she came to the shelter.

And she's allergic to cats.

When she learns that the cat is actually a shapeshifting Dark-Hunter, and that all the stories about the police department and the cops were real, Susan knows that her life will never be the same. There really are vampires in Seattle, and the good guys aren't the men in blue. And the one man that had been trouble since she sat eyes on him, was the one person she couldnt imagine being without. Sinfully sexy, caring and forgiving, Ravyn Kontis was an enigma Susan was irresistibly drawn to.

What more can Sherrilyn Kenyon throw into the work of the Dark Hunters? A Were-Hunter turned Dark Hunter hero, the Daimons working with the humans, and many surprises NOT going to be spoiled here, any reader will be anxious for the next Dark Hunter. On a more somber note, this book is set in Seattle, whereas many of the others in the series have been set in New Orleans. Dark Side of the Moon addresses how Hurricane Katrina affected these characters.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com