The Dark-Hunter Companion

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 23

By Sherrilyn Kenyon with Alethea Kontis

St. Martin's Griffin - November 2007


Disclaimer - Fiction - Not Romance

So, you've had the crappiest of all days. Well, now, unless you're Nick and that's another story, here is the book that will be your best friend when Acheron isn't around. And you know what, Ash can't be everywhere, but you might as well assume that he does know everything.

Ok then. You've been betrayed. You've had your vengeance. Now, it's payback time. And you know what? Payback is basically eternity. Yup, you gave up death, but at least you're going to be fighting the good fight. And this book will help.

You know those Ancient Greeks and Romans and the gods and goddesses they worshipped? Well guess what, they're real. You've already met Artemis, but all those pantheons you might have heard about in school or on the tv are true. That's where the Dark-Hunter Companion will help you. There is a whole section about the gods and details on some of them. One important thing to never do - make them mad. But since you shouldn't be associating with them anyways, it shouldn't be a problem.

Now that brings us to some important facts. First, you need to know what you can do. What you can't do. And then what you absolutely must never even contemplate doing.

You're obviously not the first and only Dark-Hunter, and this book will give you some facts of your brethren. You should also know that the DH are only one of three different branches of Hunters. The other two are the Were-Hunters and Dream-Hunters. This companion will explain more.

What more can I say? Congratulations sure aren't in order, and you've had to give up everything that meant anything to you. However, you're part of a greater good, because you are on the front lines of protection.

The Dark-Hunter Companion is the absolute must read for any Dark-Hunter, or Dark-Hunter fan. Oh yeah, there's also some info about a romance series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's great at bringing anyone up to date with this world. It may not be a light read, and there isn't any HEA, but it sure was about time somebody compiled it all together for a bit of a refresher for established DHs, and the new initiates into the Dark-Hunter world.

Oh, and one last thing, don't get yourself killed again. Because this time, there ain't no coming back.

Kathy Andrico -