The Chronicles of Nick - Book 7

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - May 2016

The Chronicles of Nick begins with Nick at the age of 14, and shows his introduction to the world of the Dark Hunters. It completely stands on its own as a young adult series. However, as a reader, if you are reading the Dark Hunter series, there are spoilers in this book that are revealed at a later age of Nick. As such, you might consider reading the Dark Hunter series through at least Acheron before reading Book 1, Infinity. If you choose to read all of the books in this world in chronological order, which includes Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter and Chronicles of Nick, then read through Bad Moon Rising before Infinity, then read through No Mercy before Invincible. Then read through The Guardian before Infamous, Time Untime before Inferno, Styxx before Illusion, Son of No One before Instinct, and finally Dragonbane before Invision.

Nick Gautier and most of his friends had survived another day to go back to school. Unfortunately, one had been lost in battle, but Nick soon learns that maybe not all hope is lost. However, he has even more pressing problems. He was the Malachai, and one day, he would destroy the world. At least, that was the version of various futures, but Nick was hoping that finally, he was headed down a path that led to a much happier ending.

Nick's powers were immense, overwhelming, and now somewhat gone. And his friends were disappearing too. It would take a miracle to meet the challenges he was about to face, but luckily, Nick had been raised Catholic and believed in miracles. He now had the Eye of Ananke, and hopefully the visions it gave would give him the guidance they all needed to overcome the catastrophic fate for all.

Invision is a story full of action, adventure, new relationships and challenges to overcome. There are certain foundations that will never waver, such as Nick's love for his mother, but so much more is fluid and at risk for being the one mistake that will end it all. Readers will be quite entertained as one whopper of a revelation makes poor Nick reel. As if that wasn't enough, the ending packs a punch that will stick with readers as they wait for the next story.

Kathy Andrico -


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