The Chronicles of Nick - Book 6

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - April 2015

The Chronicles of Nick begins with Nick at the age of 14, and shows his introduction to the world of the Dark Hunters. It completely stands on its own as a young adult series. However, as a reader, if you are reading the Dark Hunter series, there are spoilers in this book that are revealed at a later age of Nick. As such, you might consider reading the Dark Hunter series through at least Acheron before reading Book 1, Infinity. If you choose to read all of the books in this world in chronological order, which includes Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter and Chronicles of Nick, then read through Bad Moon Rising before Infinity, then read through No Mercy before Invincible. Then read through The Guardian before Infamous, then Time Untime before Inferno, Styxx before Illusion, then Son of No One before Instinct.

The day was good. Life was going well for Nick Gautier. Granted he was at school, but he was hanging out with his girlfriend and best friend. He wasn't in a parallel universe, and nobody was trying to kill any of them. One minute, Nick was thinking how good everything was. Big mistake, for the next, he learned the hard way he should never have such thoughts. He started having visions, hearing things, and his best friend was sick. But Caleb was a demon, and demons didn't get sick. Like EVER.

And if he thought things were bad, that was only the beginning. For something was hunting him, which granted seemed to be all too common for him. He could have handled that, but not the news that his mother was missing.

If there was one thing anyone should know about Nick, it's that nobody messed with his mother.

Instinct is a story full of revelations. There is so much to learn about the past, present and future, but there are no spoilers here. Nick continues to learn about his powers as Malachai, but he needs to hold onto his humanity in order to save, well, everyone. Instinct was a fast paced fascinating glimpse into the possibilities of where Nick's story might go next.

Kathy Andrico -


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