The Chronicles of Nick - Book 4

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - April 2013

The Chronicles of Nick begins with Nick at the age of 14, and shows his introduction to the world of the Dark Hunters. It completely stands on its own as a young adult series. However, as a reader, if you are reading the Dark Hunter series, there are spoilers in this book that are revealed at a later age of Nick. As such, you might consider reading the Dark Hunter series through at least Acheron before reading Book 1, Infinity. If you choose to read all of the books in this world in chronological order, which includes Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter and Chronicles of Nick, then read through Bad Moon Rising before Infinity, then read through No Mercy before Invincible. Then read through The Guardian before Infamous, then Time Untime before Inferno.

He was ultimate evil. Well, Nick Gautier wasn't yet, but he had a demon in him that would turn him into the worst of the worst. Until then, he still had a chance to make things right. One last chance. Unfortunately, he'd apparently failed the previous attempts to change the future.

As if his life wasn't challenging enough, he'd just learned that his girlfriend had been sent to kill him. Life just got better and better. And sometimes it did. For some unknown reason, things did appear to be going his way. Casey Woods had turned her attentions to him.

Maybe things would finally settle down, and be good and easy. Perhaps even a bit calm for awhile. Yeah, right. This is Nick Gautier's life, and the fate of all humanity lies in his hands.

Inferno is fast-paced adventure filled with characters, new and familiar, and the ever present growing question of whether or not Nick Gautier can survive all the attacks on his life while also overcoming the demon within. After all, it isn't only his ex-girlfriend who is out to get him, but at least she seems to have a bit of hesitancy to ending his existence.

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