The Chronicles of Nick - Book 3

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - March 2012

The Chronicles of Nick begins with Nick at the age of 14, and shows his introduction to the world of the Dark Hunters. It completely stands on its own as a young adult series. However, as a reader, if you are reading the Dark Hunter series, there are spoilers in this book that are revealed at a later age of Nick. As such, you might consider reading the Dark Hunter series through at least Acheron before reading Book 1, Infinity. If you choose to read all of the books in this world in chronological order, which includes Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter and Chronicles of Nick, then read through Bad Moon Rising before Infinity, then read through No Mercy before Invincible. Then read through The Guardian before Infamous

It wasn't every day someone learned they were destined to be the ultimate evil. But then, each day seemed to bring new surprises for Nick Gautier. Now, he had discovered that his "uncle" Ambrose, who had been helping him, was in fact, himself. Or rather, his future evil self, but with enough morality to try to change the past. Problem? It hadn't worked. Not the first. Nor the second. Even the third time hadn't been the charm. This was his last chance to do it right.

As if learning his various fates, training with Grim, yeah, of the Reaper variety, and his job as a Dark Hunter's Squire wasn't enough, Nick still had to go to school. Life there was never easy, but this time, cyber-bullying had reared its ugly head, and nobody was safe from the lies.

Oh, and how could he ever forget his overprotective mother. Nick loved her dearly, but he could never forget how much she gave up just to have him. Also, he couldn't help but wonder how much she might compare him to his father, who was in prison. Granted he knew the truth of his possible destiny, but she didn't.

Infamous is a fun, fast-paced action filled visit in the Chronicles of Nick series. The history of the Dark Hunters continues to evolve as Nick attempts to thwart the future Ambrose has lived. Brimming with fascinating characters, conflict, friends new and old, and the hope of Nick overcoming his destiny, readers young and, not as young will fly through this book and impatiently await the next adventure.

Kathy Andrico -


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