The Beginning

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 2

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - July 2005


Disclaimer - Fiction - Not Romance

Short story at the end of Sins of the Night.

The Beginning is set 7382 BCE. It begins with Acheron, who has been fighting the Daimons on his own. He had managed to avoid Artemis for two millennia. Now, however, she spoke of one of the few things that would get him to return.

Artemis needs an army to fight the Daimons. She believes that Acheron cannot do it alone, so she has created Dark-Hunters. Unfortunately, they do not know how to care for themselves, nor do they know how to kill Daimons. Artemis believes that Acheron's sense of duty will bring him.

It is the beginning of the Dark-Hunters.

The Beginning is a great intro to the world of the Dark Hunters. We meet key members of that world, and see the birth of the Dark Hunters. It is fascinating, and holds a secret to Sins of the Night. It was originally available online, then added to the back of Sins as a short story, due to its significance.

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