Whispered Lies

BAD Series - Book 7

By Sherrilyn Kenyon with Dianna Love

Pocket Books - May 2009

Romantic Suspense

Carlos Delgado had left the life of his childhood, but carried the marks with him forever. He was haunted by the actions from his past, but being a BAD agent allowed him to help thwart his enemies, all while operating on the right side of the law.

Gabrielle Saxe had spent years hiding. First, from an abusive ex-husband, then as an anonymous informant. Now, her secret identity had been inadvertently revealed, and she had enemies and government agencies wanting to question her. Nobody believed that she was supplying inside information on a criminal family simply for altruistic reasons.

Regardless, people wanted her dead, and Carlos now had her in his possession. Teens were disappearing, and their enemies were preparing, but BAD doesn't know what is about to go down. Unfortunately, Gabrielle would need to infiltrate a secure remote school in order to help BAD. Worse, Carlos began to realize that turning her back in to the authorities was becoming harder the more time he spent with her.

Whispered Lies was suspense filled romance with danger lurking on every page. The romance between Carlos and Gabrielle packed an emotional wallop. They both have secrets that could destroy so much. Although they quickly realize how much they have come to mean to one another, their lives will diverge as soon as Gabrielle was no longer an asset for BAD. This story does stand on its own with the primary conflict, but there is a secondary one which has been continued from the previous story in the series, Phantom in the Night. Although I still miss the lighthearted tone of the earlier stories from this series, I truly am enjoying these darker tales, and am eager for more.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com