Turn Up The Heat

BAD Series - Book 4

Short Story in Playing Easy to Get Anthology

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Pocket Books - February 2006

Romantic Suspense

Vince Cappelleti had made wrong decisions in his life. Instead of doing the right thing, he had allowed himself to be dragged down into a life that now guaranteed his death. He had nowhere to run, until a black limo pulled up in front of him with an opportunity for a new future.

Allison George had never regretted missing college to care for her sick mother, but now she was gone, and Allison was simply working in a dead end job with no opportunities. She dreamed of winning the Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes where all the winner's fantasies could come true, but she knew that nothing like that would ever happen to her.

Until it did.

Allison had expected her fantasy of being with a biker gang to be thrilling, but as opposed to the rest of the men who were obvious actors, there was one man who seemed to "live" the part. Danger was a second skin. She knew that she shouldn't be attracted to him, in fact, Vince stated exactly what she could expect with him, but she couldn't resist.

Then, suddenly their world explodes around them and Vince and Allison are on the run for their lives.

Turn Up the Heat takes readers back to the beach. The BAD series had started on this beach in BAD to the Bone. Now, Vince hopes that the training site for a government agency, BAD, might have some supplies to help them. Although neither are technically associated with BAD, it was still a suspenseful thrilling read, with signature Kenyon slight touches of humor. I particularly enjoyed the finale. The BAD series has become a "Must Read" series for me.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com