Phantom in the Night

BAD Series - Book 6

By Sherrilyn Kenyon with Dianna Love

Pocket Books - June 2008

Romantic Suspense

Terri Mitchell was a new BAD agent, and needed to impress on her new assignment. Unfortunately, every step in the case created more questions. First, a dead body disappears. Then, rumors rise of a phantom interrogating, and terrorizing, some key players in Terri's case. But it is the continual appearance of the phantom in Terri's life that is her greatest cause of concern.

Not only does she not know who he is, but she is uncertain which side of the law he is on. She has to be careful, because she, and her deceased partner, are both under investigation with the DEA. However, he knows information that Terri needs to crack her case, and he also has saved her life. There is also the fact that it is obvious that he has had special training in stealth, so hopefully, all of this meant that they were on the same side.

Nathan Drake had always protected his brother. Jamie was brilliant, but he seemed to have a naivety that Nathan had always lacked. Therefore, it had been his responsibility to take care of him. However it wasn't until Jamie had been deep in the middle of a dangerous situation that Nathan had been informed, and, once again, had come to the rescue. He was willing to sacrifice anything when it came to those he cared for, even himself.

Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love make a phenomenal co-writing debut with Phantom in the Night. We are exposed to the inner workings of an organization certain to appear again in future stories. Many who have endured the number of burdens that the hero, Nathan, has had to endure, have lost their soul, and this is what worries Terri. She doesn't know if Nathan is a hero, or a vigilante. The intensity and suspense has significantly increased in this, the sixth book in the BAD series. Although quite a different tone from the previous BAD stories, I still eagerly await more BAD books co-written by these authors.

Kathy Andrico -