BAD Series - Books 1, 2 & 3

BAD to the Bone - Book 1

Captivated by You - Book 2

One BAD Night - Book 3

Short Stories in Born To Be BAD Anthology

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Pocket Books - 2003 & 2005

Romantic Suspense

BAD to the Bone

Being ordered to relax and rehab on a remote private island would have been a dream for most people, but Kyle Foster was bored out of his mind. He had resorted to blowing up sand castles so he wouldn't get rusty. Then he has to rescue a "civilian" from the "sex camp" - or rather Marianne Webernec the latest winner to have the opportunity to act out their favorite romance novel. He may have literally swept her off her feet, but she had rocked his world. Kyle wanted to know more about her, and when he learns that her fantasy is - well, him - then he decides to spice up her adventure and become her own personal hero.

"Captivated" by You

Thaddeus Krux, aka Ace, had been in love with fellow BAD agent Rhea Stevenson since he'd first laid eyes on her. However, he had kept his desires at bay due to one little fact - her blatant dislike of him. Then he finally found a way of having his dreams come true. She would be in his bedroom, they would be in bed. She was the dominatrix, he the slave. They would have to train for her to go in undercover to get a terrorist. Sure, it was all in the course of duty, and boy was this a duty he was more than willing to do.

One BAD Night

Jason Banks knew as soon as he saw the red dot on his chest that things were going to go bad, and quick. What he never expected was to wake up after being shot, and still be alive, but at the mercy of fellow BAD associate Samantha Winslow. She had handcuffed him naked to the bed, and he had an unsettling feeling that she had no intention of following this through with some very enjoyable activities. Seeing her with a gun trained at him, while claiming that she didn't believe that he hadn't betrayed the BAD agency was definitely a sign that this was just the beginning of one bad night.

Doesn't everyone love a bad boy? Well, these BAD boys are even better! The Bureau of American Defense didn't have to follow the normal rules - heck, they didn't have to follow any rules except those given by Joe or Tee. With a growing cast of secondary characters, this series is sure to intrigue the readers enough to be clamoring for more.

Only One BAD Night is a new story in this anthology. BAD to the Bone was published in 2003 in the Big Guns out of Uniform Anthology. "Captivated" By You was published in Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down earlier this year.

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