BAD Attitude

BAD Series - Book 5

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Pocket Books - September 2005

Romantic Suspense

J. D. Steele had let a foolish impulse ruin not only his career, but his life. Once one of the Army's best snipers, now he sat in prison, with his future of peeling potatoes mapped out before him. That was before he was approached with the opportunity of a lifetime.

BAD needed a sniper to prevent an assassination. A foreign president was visiting America, and Sydney Westbrook had intel that his life was in jeopardy. Not only did they need to save the life of an individual, but the ramifications of this potential hit could be catastrophic.

So BAD goes in and gets Steele out. However, Steele doesn't like the offer he can't refuse. He believes they may have set him up, and the organization he is expected to infiltrate doesn't take prisoners. He also has no intention of working with anyone again. Syd plans to dog Steele's every move. Steele just wishes she would use her moves on him, after all, it had been rather lonely in prison.

Syd quickly realizes that with Steele's wry comments, a person was either wont to love him, or kill him. After spending time with him, and realizing the genuine heart beneath his acerbic tongue, she worries that it might just be that he could be someone she could love. However, Syd had learned the hard way never to be in a relationship with a co-worker.

BAD Attitude definitely describes Steele to a "T". His wry comments and take on life are very entertaining. However, that is just the surface layer. Steele is much more than that. He is an individual dedicated to his friends, and willing to put himself at risk to protect others. He is a "hero" to the core and Syd is the perfect heroine for him. I enjoyed the story and action, although I was a bit annoyed with the assassin's petulant reasons for pursuing that career. I loved to finally have a longer BAD story, and eagerly await more.

Kathy Andrico -