Lucy's Bang-Up Christmas

Short Story in Regency Christmas Gifts Anthology

By Carla Kelly

Camel Press - September 2015

Regency Romance

Miles Bledsoe had just come to a realization. He was in love with his younger cousin. He hadn't always been. She had been an annoyance when they were younger, but she had grown into a lovely young woman, both inside and out. Lately, he had been thinking only of her. Luckily, he had secured an invitation to stay with her family for a visit, and he fully intended to take this opportunity to pursue Miss Lucinda Danforth.

Lucy desperately missed her mother and wanted to carry on some of her Christmas traditions. With the chaos of her sister's upcoming nuptials, all the holiday traditions were being put off another year. Miles, she knew however, would be able to help her. Miles had always had a way of setting her right, and he was who she turned to now.

Together, they would learn just how much her mother had done for those in their community. And it would be with Miles that she would start new traditions, possibly those that would last a lifetime.

Lucy's Bang-Up Christmas was a poignant romance between a young woman mourning her mother and feeling somewhat adrift, and a man who helps guide her in recognizing that the special traits that were in her mother are also in her. She has the same charitable soul, whether it is helping a family in need, or simply helping to settle differences.

Regency Christmas Gifts Anthology contains three Carla Kelly short stories - The Lasting Gift, Faithfully Yours, and Lucy's Bang-Up Christmas

Kathy Andrico -

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