Faithfully Yours

Short Story in Regency Christmas Gifts Anthology

By Carla Kelly

Camel Press - September 2015

Regency Romance

Ten years earlier, Sally Wilson had learned of a horrible trick Margaret Patterson was going to play on John McPherson. John came from a family who was not just poor, but with no ambitions. John, however, had been different. True, he had smelled, and his clothes were tattered, but Sally had befriended him at her father's request. She had discovered he had an eagerness to learn, and this was further demonstrated when John set off to America to earn his fortune. It was then that Margaret had told John she would write to him in America. Sally had learned the truth, and couldn't bear the thought of John waiting for letters from home that would never come, so she had written to him. And signed as Margaret.

As the letters came through the years, Sally enjoyed learning about John's experiences in America. But even more, she started caring for John. When a letter arrives announcing John's imminent return, Sally is in turmoil. She knows Margaret should reveal the truth to John, but fears losing the little bit she's had of him over the years.

Faithfully Yours was a sweet, short regency romance. I always enjoy a romance where the hero has fallen hard for his heroine, and John has definitely fallen for the author of these letters. The omniscient point of view at the beginning and end of the story was a bit jarring, but it did help quickly summarize events.

Regency Christmas Gifts Anthology contains three Carla Kelly short stories - The Lasting Gift, Faithfully Yours, and Lucy's Bang-Up Christmas

Kathy Andrico -

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