Thank You, Santa!

Short Story in The Morgue the Merrier Anthology

By Karen Kelley

Zebra Books - September 2007

Paranormal Romance

It's Christmastime, and they've all settled in at the Sleigh Bells Inn in the Christmas themed town of Christmastown. What many don't know, is the history of the inn. Before it became the inn, there had been a fire, and one section of the inn used to be the town morgue. Now three couples come together during the holidays, with a little help of the resident ghosts.

El is at it again. This time, he has decided to help Charlaine, the daughter of the owners of his home, the Sleigh Bells Inn.

Of all the people to be interested in, Charlaine had to find Nathan Windstrom attractive. Not just attractive, but "remove any other thoughts than him from her mind", attractive. Too bad he was in town as a critic to write a review on their inn.

Nathan knew Charlaine was interested in him, and he definitely reciprocated those feelings. He knew he could be unbiased in his review, but he wanted to also spend time getting to know her better. What he learns, he likes, but he was also somewhat troubled by her belief in ghosts.

Thank You, Santa! was a very pleasant bonus to this anthology. I adored El from Blue Suede Christmas, and was thrilled to see Charlaine finding her own love. Thank You, Santa! is a bonus short story in The Morgue the Merrier Anthology which includes 3 stories, plus a bonus. The other stories are Dead Certain by Rosemary Laurey, Blue Suede Christmas by Karen Kelley, and Holly in His Heart by Dianne Castell.

Kathy Andrico -