It's a Wonderful Life

Short Story in I'm Your Santa Anthology

By Karen Kelley

Brava - October 2007

Contemporary Romance

Jeremy Hunter, Hollywood's playboy, was about to lose the best role he'd yet been offered. In order to keep the role as a traveling preacher, he would need to prove he could be the part. So, he headed off on his Harley with short visits to small towns.

Bailey Tanner was certain that she was going to hell. One look at the preacher Trey Jones, and any thoughts she had were as far from pious as they could be. Then she went and flirted with him, and he tripped, twisted his ankle, and ended up having to stay in Two Creeks.

Now, keeping up his preacher role on a more permanent basis, and not showing how much he wanted Bailey was to be the most difficult audition he ever faced.

It's a Wonderful Life is a romance whom readers see as a case of opposites attract, but soon we realize that these two truly are more similar than they believe. Jeremy is a Hollywood playboy slowly realizing that the life he has been leading is empty, simply a role he plays beyond the cameras. Bailey is a schoolteacher who yearns for adventure, but loves the caring of family and the small town she lives in.

Also in this anthology are Lori Foster's The Christmas Present and Dianne Castell's Home For Christmas. This is an anthology certain to bring readers into the holiday spirit.

Kathy Andrico -