Double Dating with the Dead

By Karen Kelley

Brava - September 2007

Paranormal Romance

If there was one thing Trent Sanders could not abide, it was con artists. He had dedicated himself to exposing them, and had built a good reputation and career for doing so. Now, he had accepted the challenge of staying in a supposedly haunted hotel for two weeks with Selena James, and hoped to have another bestseller after proving her a fraud.

Selena could see ghosts. She believed in the paranormal, hexes, psychics and basically everything Trent didn't. She was used to skeptics, but being called delusional on television was too much. However, it was her mother who had issued the challenge, but Selena was more than willing to prove Trent wrong.

From the beginning of Double Dating With The Dead, it is more than obvious that Selena and Trent are attracted to each other, yet there is such a wide chasm separating them that it seems almost impossible for them to cross. I was intrigued to see how they would find a middle ground. It was very entertaining watching the resident ghosts scheme and interact with Selena, all the while hiding from Trent. Double Dating With The Dead was a fun, light-hearted read by an author whose books I look forward to reading again.

Kathy Andrico -