Dating Outside Your DNA

Planet Nerak - Book 4

By Karen Kelley

Brava - December 2009

Futuristic Romance

Roan Hendrix was the best at training agents. He was also recovering from an injury, but was eager to return to active status. Only his desire to be reinstated could make him agree to train their newest Nerakian agent. He knew Nerakians, and had absolutely no intention of getting involved with one.

Lyraka was only half Nerakian, and still learning her abilities. Her mother had raised her in a remote colony in Texas after being abandoned by Lyraka's father and exiled from her planet. She was looking forward to the training and becoming an agent. She eagerly awaited the adventure. She positively was not going to have sex.

When you take two sexy agents, put them in a remote intimate setting, certain activities are likely to occur. But it is love that completely takes them both by surprise.

Dating Outside Your DNA was another sexy romantic romp by Karen Kelley. I adored the characters. When we finally meet the rest of the team - they are entertaining, fun, and engaging - I want to see them all again. I loved the romance between Lyraka and Roan. I definitely hope that Karen Kelley continues this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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