The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy

Planet Nerak - Book 3

By Karen Kelley

Brava - July 2008

Futuristic Romance

All Sam Jones wanted to do was take his vacation at his cabin, do some fishing, and relax. Instead, he finds himself babysitting an alien. A beautiful alien, in fact one he had been haunted by from the moment he had seen the hologram of her. Lara was a vision of beauty, the sister of his partner and best friend's wife, and a healer from the Planet Nerak. However, Sam was quick to realize that being intrigued by a woman in a hologram was safe. Meeting this haughty and annoying woman was certain to steal his sanity.

Lara knew that Nerak was superior to Earth. Years before, her predecessors had managed to stop wars, sickness, and ease dying. Women did not carry children, in fact, babies, female babies only, were created in labs. Food was unnecessary as capsules were used instead. Above all, Lara's DNA had been manipulated so that she was a healer. Granted, she had never needed to use this talent, but there was respect and courtesies afforded her station.

Unfortunately, Sam seemed incapable of following such customs. He even had the audacity to touch her. Lara had every intention of quickly finding the remedy she needed and return home. She never expected Earth to have amazing pleasures such as chocolate. But it was Sam himself who Lara quickly realized would be what she would miss most.

The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy was a fun fast-paced futuristic romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the hero and heroine. Sam is just an all around great guy. Lara may be haughty, but that is simply part of her culture, as Sam quickly realizes. Although this is the third in the series, I hadn't read the previous stories and found that it did stand alone. However, it did intrigue me to go back and read the previous stories, and I hope that Ms. Kelley continues with more.

Kathy Andrico -