That Knight By the Sea

By Catherine Kean

September 2017

Medieval Romance

Lady Adaline Mortimer had been thirteen years old, and Garrett Thurlow a mere year older, when they had met one another. He had charmed her, and they had even kissed. She had hoped he would speak of love, but then he had been sent away. Had died in the King's service. Now, she was engaged to a man she didn't want to marry, but was allowed no voice in her own future.

Garrett not being dead had been a surprise to many, including the King who now used him to capture criminals. Unfortunately, one such person had information on Garrett's past, and Garrett was being forced to kidnap a woman. The man's fiancee, who apparently was not happily anticipating their forthcoming nuptials. Garrett had no desire to put any woman through such a trauma, but his options were limited. Plus, there was no chance he would let the alternate kidnapper near Adaline. He could keep her safe, although undoubtedly scared and upset, but her future, like his own, was set. She would still marry another, and he would continue on without her.

That is unless Adaline is able to uncover the truth and can convince Garrett that theirs is a love worth fighting for.

That Knight by the Sea was a sweet reunion romance where the hero himself starts as a villain. After all, anyone willing to kidnap another, even under threat of blackmail, isn't acting in a heroic fashion. Luckily, Garrett is truly a hero at heart and Adeline is a heroine quite capable of convincing Garrett to her side of the argument.

Kathy Andrico -


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