One Knight's Kiss

By Catherine Kean

January 2017

Medieval Romance

Lady Honoria Whitford had a small collection of books. Her recently deceased father had taught her a love for reading, and she cherished the few that she had. When she spied one at market, she knew she had to have it. The dratted merchant tried to discourage her from making the purchase, but a stranger stepped in and convinced the man to sell it at a reasonable price to her.

Lord Tristan de Champagne had been invited to spend Christmas at Ellingstow by his friend Radley. Radley had pointed out his sister, and Tristan was intrigued when he saw Honoria rising up to the challenge of purchasing a book. Honoria's determination and love for reading fascinated him as his own experiences hadn't enabled him to spend time reading. He wanted to understand Honoria's love for books, as well as the woman herself. However, he had recently ended the relationship with a woman he had planned to marry after learning of her betrayal, and had no intention of repeating that bitter episode.

One Knight's Kiss was a sweet romance with a dash of mystery and suspense. Attacks had been occurring, and Honoria's father was not the only man to have lost his life. While still mourning, Honoria plans to enjoy the holiday. She doesn't expect a romance, particularly with a man determined against having one.

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