One Knight Under the Mistletoe

By Catherine Kean

March 2015

Medieval Romance

When she was on the cusp of maturing from child to young lady, Lady Liliana Thornleigh had vowed to never again speak to Lord Renfred de Vornay. He hadn't treated her with the respect due a Lady, and he created conflicting feelings inside her. Until Ren had arrived at the castle, she and her brother had done so much together, but once Ren arrived, he had stolen her brother from her.

Seven years may have passed, Ren and Haddon had left for the Crusades, but only Ren returned. Lil was eager to celebrate the holidays, but not happy with the return of Ren. She hadn't forgotten how he had humiliated her as a child. Nineteen now, she was looking forward to maybe finding a husband and starting a family of her own. Just not Ren, never Ren, regardless that no matter how many years passed, he still left her feeling unsettled.

Time may have passed, Ren had married then lost his wife and baby, but he was certain that some things would never change. He'd had no doubt that when he arrived at Maddlestow Keep, Liliana would do her best to avoid him. This year, Ren was determined things would be different. He had messages to give, a holiday to celebrate, and he intended to find ways to ensure Liliana spent time with him. He had always been fascinated with her, and he had matured past using frogs to show his intent.

One Knight Under the Mistletoe was a delightful, sweet romance. I loved how we meet Lil and Ren as children, and apparently the attempts of a young boy trying to gain the attention of a young lady have not changed much over the millennium. It was sweet to see how enamored he was with her, then and now, but poignant in how he needed to have any type of affection. But mostly hers. Both then and now.

Kathy Andrico -


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