One Knight in the Forest

By Catherine Kean

December 2016

Medieval Romance

Lady Magdalen Suffield enjoyed being lady-in-waiting for her friend Edwina. Spending time with Edwina and her son Timothy was a joy. She did wish to someday marry and have a family of her own, but she wanted someone worthy, someone like Edwina's husband. A man who had fought for king and country. Loyal and trustworthy.

Or at least she had thought Edwina's William was trustworthy. She had found his recent behavior to be odd, but when she discovered a note with instructions for murder, Magdalen knew she had to act, and fast. She escaped into the forest, intent to find someone who she could turn the letter over to, and prevent an innocent man from dying. Instead, she ran into Cynric Woodrow, sheriff, and a close friend of William. Then she injured herself trying to evade him.

Cyn seemed to be the hero that she needed. He was a rescuer, not only helping heal her cut, but his home was full of animals he had found and nursed back to health. He was the sheriff, entrusted to ensure the laws were upheld. However, with so many nobles turning against the king, combined with Cyn's friendship with William, Magdalen was hesitant to share the contents of the letter. As Magdalen healed from her wound, she found herself hoping Cyn was the hero he seemed to be, and that they would find the solution for all of them.

One Knight in the Forest was a sweet romance with suspense and poignant emotion. Magdalen is torn knowing that the evidence she held would destroy William, as well as Edwina and Timothy. Not only was she a loyal subject, but she couldn't allow someone to be murdered. She doesn't know who she can trust, and it was touching watching as Cyn worked to build a relationship with her and prove he was the man she needed to turn to. Cyn had a dark history of his own, and Magdalen was just the woman to help him heal from the nightmares created by his past.

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