Her Gallant Knight

Short Story in Treasure the Knight Anthology

By Catherine Kean

January 2018

Historical Romance

At fourteen years, Lady Amelia Bainbridge had been sent to the same castle where her brother had already been training as a page. She had been happy, to be close to her brother and his friends. In particular Ryder. They had once been friends, but he had changed. He teased and taunted her. Then he had humiliated her in public.

Six years had passed, but Lord Ryder Stanbury had never forgotten Amelia. It hadn't mattered that he had taken a vow of chastity when he became a Templar knight. Amelia had continued to haunt him day and night. Now, he had returned, resigned as a Templar, and when he rescues some people from outlaws, Amelia was among those rescued. She was finally in his presence after successfully avoiding him for so many years and Ryder intended to use this time to his advantage. First, he was searching for a ring that as a Templar, he had been assigned to protect and Amelia might just have the answers he was looking for. Second, he no longer had to live a chaste life and Amelia was the only woman he wanted as his wife.

Her Gallant Knight is simply a lovely romance. Poor young Ryder, inept at showing his interest in Amelia, and always feeling a failure with his father. A bad combination that unfortunately turned a magical night for Amelia into a nightmare. But Ryder is grown now, had been a knight and had his own keep and responsibilities. He knew what he wanted, and that was not only to have Amelia, but for her to be safe. She unknowingly was a pawn in a dangerous game, and Ryder intended for her to come to no harm. Regardless of her own opinion. Unfortunately, that did put a damper on his courtship.

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