A Knight and His Rose

Short Story in Rogues to Lovers: legend of the Blue Rose Anthology

By Catherine Kean


Historical Romance

Lady Violetta Molineaux knew she could get into trouble slipping out at night, and even worse, trespassing on their neighbor's property, who also happened to be their enemy. But it was worth the risk to visit the ancient site. And as it was late, she would be alone, and nobody would ever know. Except she wasn't the only person visiting the giant stones that night. It didn't matter, she never told him who she was, and planned to slip back home without anyone ever being the wiser. That had been the plan until the ground disappeared under her.

Osric Seabrook was certain the young lady he met was Violetta, regardless of what she stated. He had watched her leave, only to learn the next day that she was missing. The risk of warring with her hot-headed father was certain, especially if the man ever learned Violetta had been on his property. Luckily, he quickly found her in an abandoned tunnel near where he had last seen her the night before, but she was injured, and maintained hiding her identity. Osric knew he had a challenge before him, to have Violetta trust him, and diffuse all hostilities with her father. After all, he wanted Violetta to remain with him forever.

A Knight and His Rose is a sweet romance with a dash of danger and mystery. So many events are triggered by Violetta's accidental fall into the tunnel. First was her father's potential assault to rescue her, when she really didn't need, or want, to be saved. Then there was the question of why the tunnel was there, and the secrets it might hold. Last, was the growing tenderness she felt for Osric.

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