Dark Seduction

The Masters of Time - Book 1

By Brenda Joyce

HQN Harlequin - May 2007

Paranormal Romance

Claire Camden was happy working in her bookstore and living the life she loved. She was able to travel and was successful due to her extensive knowledge of medieval history and rare books, tomes and manuscripts. It had been on a vacation in Scotland, though, that after visiting the tourist areas, she had discovered the island of Mull. There she learned the history, the lairds, and in particular, Dunroch, the seat of the Macleans. It had been there that Claire unaccountably felt she had come home, and an unquenchable desire to learn more began. Now, Claire was preparing to return to Dunroch. She never anticipated the manner in which she was about to take.

One night she is packing for her trip, and then her home is being invaded by a mad-woman and she is saved by a highland warrior. Then, the arrogant, obnoxious man claims that he must protect her, his Innocent, and he whisks her away.

Whisking meaning taking Claire centuries into the past, where the ultimate battle for good over evil takes place. For Malcolm of Dunroch is a Master, a member of a Brotherhood with super powers and abilities. They have sworn to follow the Code, to protect Innocence, and vanquish evil. But Malcolm has tasted evil, and the beast within him threatens each time Claire is near. He wants her, but he must not allow himself to succumb, lest she also die.

Dark Seduction brings a fascinating glimpse into the world of Brenda Joyce's new series, The Masters of Time. All with varying powers and abilities, The Masters live alone, knowing that evil can use the ones they care about against them. History and experience has shown them this. Claire must fight for Malcolm, both for herself, and also to keep him safe from Moray, the incarnation of evil. She must teach him that it is together that they are strongest.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com