Dark Rival

The Masters of Time - Book 2

By Brenda Joyce

HQN Harlequin - October 2007

Paranormal Romance

Allie Monroe had vowed to heal. Although not a witch, she had been trained by her mother to heal others by basking them with her white light. Then she is whisked away by a medieval warrior, only to watch as his contemporary self is killed by his mortal enemy. Determined to defy fate and prevent his death in her time, Allie goes to the past.

He was Black Royce, a Master of Time, a warrior who had vowed to the Ancients to protect Innocence. As a Master, he could have no wife, and his own experiences from when he was centuries younger only served to enforce this view. Women were for slacking his lust and bringing them pleasure. Nothing more.

Yet this woman claimed to love him, and wanted to save him. However, evil was stalking them, and Royce needed to protect Allie. The best way to protect Allie was to keep her far from him. At the same time, Allie was forced to realize that this Royce, Mr Medieval, was not the same man she'd fallen in love with during her time, but was someone she still loved nonetheless.

Dark Rival is the second romance in Brenda Joyce's steamy and exciting Masters of Time series. It is a complex novel, with captivating characters and a gripping intensity as the Masters strive to protect Innocence. However, I got a bit tired of Allie claiming her continual love for Royce, and Royce's constant rejection. It probably would have been better had the story been shorter. Also, I haven't figured out how they are all worshipping the Ancients, yet defend God and fight Satan. These are conflicting ideologies, but apparently not to them. Maybe this will be better explained as the series progresses. Still, I am anxious to learn which Master will next be mastered by love.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com