The Real Dragon

Short Story in Pets in Space Anthology

By Pauline Baird Jones

October 2016

Science Fiction Romance

Emma Standish's life had just gone the way of totally bizarre. After learning her father was marrying their boss, she discovered her dragon had returned. Her bearded dragon who had disappeared years earlier and age-wise should not even still be alive was now not only alive, but in her room, typing on her computer and speaking to her.

So she did what any rational adult would do, she sat down and had a chat, then went to a spaceship where she met Mazan. Or was it a re-meet? He was familiar in a way only someone dear would be. Yet she didn't remember him. Or apparently her own history

Or the danger the entire planet was in.

The Real Dragon was an interesting science fiction romance with mystery, suspense, danger and love. I found the beginning a little confusing, but that was primarily because the heroine herself was confused. I enjoyed watching Emma rediscover who she was, and overcome her obstacles - with Mazan and her returned pet dragon Peddrenth.

Kathy Andrico -