'Twas The Night After Christmas

By Sabrina Jeffries

Gallery Books - November 2012

Historical Romance

Follows The Hellions of Halstead Hall series

'Twas the Night After Christmas is set after The Hellions of Halstead Hall series. The hero, Pierce Waverly, had been introduced in that series, and there are some references and visits from a few of the characters. Although certainly more enjoyable if you are familiar with those references, this book does stand on its own.

Camilla Stuart may have been hired to simply be a companion, but she needed to do more. It was obvious that Lady Devonmont loved her son, and his neglect was appalling. Sure, Lady Devonmont didn't lack for much, except even the slightest bit of attention from her son. Camilla took it upon herself to write the Earl a letter.

Pierce Waverly had made a life for himself without his parents. When he had been young, his father may not have been caring, but his mother had been very loving. But that had been an illusion. He had been sent away. They hadn't wanted him, he hadn't been welcome at home. He had spent the holidays with relatives who soon became his true family. He had flaunted his lifestyle, and showed the world that he cared for naught. But one little letter had sent him hurrying home.

Fortunately, his mother was alright, but he still had no intention of reconciling with her. She had chosen their paths two decades earlier. But Camilla was someone that he was very interested in. He had not intended to stay, but he did. He knew the truth of his mother, but he quickly realized that there must have been more going on than he had been aware of. Most of all, he soon realized that he needed Camilla in his life.

'Twas the Night After Christmas is as much a poignant story of reconciliation between a son and his mother as it is a passionate romance. The mystery lies in why Lady Devonmont pushed her son away all those years. There is no doubt that she loves Pierce, and Pierce so desperately wants to believe his mother does love him. Lies and years separate them, and it takes Camilla to start bridging the chasm. Camilla is an enigma to Pierce. She stands up for his mother, when he could easily dismiss her. She accepts his challenges, and piques his interests. While a reconciliation with his mother can heal his heart, only Camilla can complete him. 'Twas the Night After Christmas is an emotional Christmas read with enjoyable glimpses into the the classic Christmas poem, and its introduction into England.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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