Wed Him Before You Bed Him

The School For Heiresses - Book 6

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - July 2009

Historical Romance

This review does not reveal the identity of "Cousin Michael", who has corresponded with Charlotte Harris throughout The School for Heiresses series. However, it does include spoilers from previous books.

Charlotte finds herself with a dilemma regarding her school, and she no longer has "Cousin Michael" to consult. In the last story he had stated that since she was pressuring to learn of his identity, he would no longer continue their correspondence.

However, due to the scandalous behavior of some of her students, eloping and such from previous stories, admissions for her school were down. Also, there were rumors that her neighbor was planning to use the adjoining estate for a racecourse, which would make the location of her school unacceptable. Normally, Charlotte would turn to Cousin Michael for advice, but he was no longer there.

Or was he?

This is the story readers of Sabrina Jeffries' The School for Heiresses series have been waiting for in eager anticipation, and a touch of sadness. We finally learn the name of the mysterious Cousin Michael, but it is also the end of a series with characters that we have come to enjoy visiting.

Kathy Andrico -


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