Don't Bargain with the Devil

The School For Heiresses - Book 5

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - June 2009

Historical Romance

The devil was moving in next door. At least that is how Lucinda Seton referred to the man planning to purchase the land next to Mrs. Harris's School for Young Ladies. It wasn't that he was Diego Javier Montalvo, Master of Mystery, simply planning to live on the estate. Oh no. He was going to turn the land into a pleasure garden.

Diego abhorred the idea of having a pleasure garden beside a school almost as much as having Lucy believe that he planned on doing such a thing. Yet he would use this opportunity to get closer to Lucy. She was who he sought, at least, she was the most recent female he sought. He had come to England searching for a kidnapped heiress. He tricked her into spending time with him, under the pretext that she might convince him not to buy the land, while he used his skills to determine if she was the lady.

The more time Lucy spent with Diego, she began to realize he was a man of honor, and she feared succumbing to his charms. At the same time, Diego found himself with conflicting emotions. He wanted Lucy to be the Marques de Parama's granddaughter. He would finally be able to honor his childhood oath to his father. At the same time, he knew that if she was the missing heiress, her grandfather would never allow them to be together.

Don't Bargain With the Devil was a touching romance with humor, passion and magic. Diego used his opportunity of "misdirection" to insinuate himself into Lucy's company. She thought she was simply trying to deter him from buying the land, something he had no intention of doing, while he was trying to uncover her past. It was also a story of healing, understanding the lies, betrayals, and love that sometimes inspires people to act in such a way. Finally, this story is a springboard catapulting the readers to the final story in The School For Heiresses series where the mysterious "Cousin Michael" will finally be unveiled in a romance with Mrs Harris.

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