The Risk of Rogues

Sinful Suitors Series - Book 5.5

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket Star - July 2018

Historical Romance

Captain Lord Hartley Corry had come to visit family. He wanted relaxation, enjoyment, and no interacting with unmarried young ladies whose families, as well as his own, would try to match them. He had no desire to marry. He'd already experienced the heartbreak of finding a lady he loved and circumstances preventing them from marrying. Now that he worked as a spy, and had the chance of a promotion, he flirted with the idea of using his skills to search for Miss Anne Barkley. But she likely had married in the intervening years so there was no point. Except that upon his arrival, he came face to face with the only woman he had ever loved.

Anne's circumstances had improved considerably since she had last seen Hart. She had no place in her future for a gamester and a man who had so blithely left her to pursue his own future, without her. Well Hart might have walked right back into her life, but she had no intention of falling for his words again. She might believe some of what he said, but in the end, all evidence pointed that he was a gamester, and she needed someone reliable that she could count on.

The Risk of Rogues was a fun postscript to Ms Jeffries' Sinful Sinners series. Readers finally see Hart reunite with the woman that he loves, but not without some difficulties. Hart realizes that to win Anne, he might have to walk away from his life of spying and return to law. He might not want that career, but there is little he won't do to prove to Anne that having her is the only future he wants.

Kathy Andrico -


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