The Pleasures of Passion

Sinful Suitors Series - Book 4

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - June 2017

Historical Romance

Niall Lindsey had fallen in love and wanted to marry Brilliana Trevor. But a scoundrel had attacked his sister Clarissa, and he had killed the man in a duel. When he had approached Brilliana to run away with him to the continent, he had fully expected her to come with him. He had never expected her to refuse him, or to learn that she had married another just months later.

Seven years had passed, and much had changed. Niall had been pardoned and was able to return to England. His sister had married his best friend and they were expecting a baby. Brilliana, now widowed and with a young son, was a friend of Clarissa and Niall was forced to see her on occasion. That would have been bad enough, but then he was forced to once again work undercover for the government. The assignment, find counterfeiters. The suspect, Brilliana's father. The plan, he and Brilliana would fake an engagement while Niall investigates her father and his friends to find the source of the counterfeit bills.

Brilliana had stopped visiting her father years earlier, but she still cared for him enough to work with Niall and hopefully find her father if not innocent, at least spared an execution if found guilty. She didn't want to spend time with the man who had once broken her heart. She had heard the rumors, knew he had dueled over a mistress, when he had claimed to be in love with her. As she spends time with him, her fickle heart still yearns for him. But she couldn't trust a man who had lied to her before.

The Pleasures of Passion was a wonderful reconciliation romance. Foremost was Niall and Brilliana. Niall was bound by a promise not to tell the truth of what had happened to Clarissa, and with a risky pregnancy, he is prevented from asking for her permission. He wants Brilliana to know he isn't the blackguard she believes him to be, but he also wants her trust. Their way together is treacherous, not only the lies and deceit of the past that had kept them apart, but also the counterfeiter and any possible associates.

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