A Talent For Temptation

Sinful Suitors Series - Book 4.5

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - October 2017

Historical Romance

Meriel Vyse had a beau. One surrounded in secrecy. Or rather she hadn't told her brother-in-law Gregory, Baron Fulkham about Quinn Raines. Neither could she explain to Quinn why she had to cancel on him and acted so unusual. Gregory had rescued her during a low point in her life, and she had married his brother. She and her husband had spied for him, and she had continued after her husband had died. She knew he would always be a friend, family even, to her, but she was tired of going on operations for him. She was having romantic feelings for Quinn Raines, and she regretted having to lie about why she couldn't see him, which had happened one more time. As she left for another mission for Gregory, she managed to foil a kidnapping attempt, of herself.

Quinn should have known it was a bad idea when he originally thought it. It shouldn't have taken him until after his servant had attempted the "fake" kidnapping, and he had arrived for an even more "fake" rescue. Especially considering Meriel had managed to rescue herself, while stabbing him in the process. Nothing more than he deserved. Meriel had cancelled on him once again, and he had been desperate, definitely not smart. But a man in love sometimes didn't do the smart thing.

A Talent for Temptation was an entertaining quick romance that had been hinted at previously in the Sinful Suitors series. We had seen Quinn's despair, and worry that perhaps Meriel was more interested in her brother-in-law than in a familial way. I had wondered how Quinn would relate as a hero considering his less than heroic feat of staging the abduction, but Quinn's regret was obvious. Equally enjoyable was watching Meriel and Gregory navigate to a new relationship, regardless if he is technically a "former" bother-in-law.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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