The Art of Sinning

Sinful Suitors Series - Book 1

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - August 2015

Historical Romance

Artist Jeremy Keane had escaped to England but had no desire to paint insipid portraits. He was burning to paint his masterpiece. He only had one problem - his muse. He hadn't found her yet... then across the room, he had a glimpse. And he knew it was her. It would have to be her, and no other.

One little problem, her brother. The Earl of Blakeborough would never allow his sister, Yvette to sit for one of his paintings. However, he would consent to a portrait. He wanted his sister to have more in life than be companion to his dour self.

Another problem was his muse herself. Lady Yvette Barlow had no intention of sitting for a portrait, but she had fire, and desires and a deal she was willing to make. She would do the portrait, and agree to be Jeremy's muse, if he was willing to help her in her quest.

And the final problem? Jeremy did not wish to marry, yet the more time he spent with Yvette, the more he thought of her. Whether it was how she breathed life in her stance as she posed for the portrait, or willingness to risk her reputation to fight for what she believed in, Yvette enchanted Jeremy.

The Art of Sinning is the first book in Sabrina Jeffries' Sinful Suitors series. A new series, but with familiar characters. We have met Jeremy Keane previously, but haven't truly known him. Secrets he's kept about his past, a family he loves yet avoids, and a dedication to protect his sister from sinful suitors. Then he meets another gentleman who also wished to protect his sister. An interesting new club of gentlemen determined to keep undesirables away from the women in their life. Men who are, well, sometimes quite like themselves. This is certain to be a fun new sexy series by Sabrina Jeffries.

Kathy Andrico -


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