Let Sleeping Rogues Lie

The School For Heiresses - Book 4

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - March 2008

Historical Romance

Madeline Prescott was desperate. She had taken a teaching position at Mrs. Harris's School for Young Ladies, but even with her father's savings, she feared that they would soon run out of funds. Her father's reputation had been attacked, and he had fallen into a melancholy where he would not defend himself. It was up to Madeline to try to contact the one man who could prove his innocence.

Anthony Dalton, the new Viscount Norcourt, would do almost anything to protect his niece, Tessa. Due to his rather wicked past, and his now deceased brother's lack of planning, Anthony was having to prove that Tessa was better off with him, than his aunt and uncle. To the outside world, he appeared the least preferable. Unfortunately, Anthony had first hand experience of growing up in his aunt and uncle's home, and had no intention of allowing Tessa to also be abused.

So here he was, Viscount Norcourt, giving rake lessons to young misses. Or rather, in order to have Tessa granted admittance to the school, Anthony had to pass a test of sorts with Mrs. Harris, and he would teach the young ladies how to not become prey. What he doesn't realize is that Madeline has ulterior reasons for helping him. She needs his connections to help clear her father's name.

What begins as two people needing one another's help, slowly changes to two people who need each other for true happiness.

I simply adored Let Sleeping Rogues Lie. Anthony is truly an endearing hero. We see a snippet of the abuse he experienced as a child, and how it affected him emotionally. It takes the love for his niece and Madeline for him to realize that his behavior had been a direct result of those experiences, and only once he leaves those memories behind, can he have a new beginning. I enjoyed Madeline and her fondness for learning. The highlight is reading the letters at the beginning of each chapter between Mrs. Harris and the mysterious "Cousin Michael" and waiting until that mystery will be resolved in a few more books.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com