Accidentally His

Designing Debutantes Series - Book 3

By Sabrina Jeffries

Zebra Books - January 2024

Historical Romance

Lady Verity Harper and her sisters had survived scandal and now ran Elegant Occasions, a successful business that allowed them to keep their independence. For months, she had noticed a suspicious individual at several events. When she met Colonel Raphael Wolfford, Verity suspected he might be the individual she called the Phantom - someone who shouldn't have been at events, and disappeared when she tried to get a better look. But Rafe's story that he was serving abroad had been verified, so Verity would have to find another way to discover his secrets.

Rafe had been working undercover, trying to identify a dangerous spy. He suspected someone close to Verity might be the culprit, and he was willing to do almost anything to uncover the truth. What he didn't expect was a sharp minded female who challenged him, or that his own feelings might be leading his actions.

Accidentally His is an entertaining read that kept me riveted from cover to cover. We had all glimpsed Verity's "Phantom" previously, and it was exciting to finally learn the truth. I've really enjoyed the Designing Debutantes series and learning about some "behind the scenes" for the events. Verity's specialty is planning the perfect meal, and it was fascinating to see a bit of that. Rafe was a prefect hero for Verity, as well as for his country. Although all three sisters are now married, I'd be interested to revisit Elegant Occasions and the families again.

Kathy Andrico -


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