What Happens in the Ballroom

Designing Debutantes Series - Book 2

By Sabrina Jeffries

Zebra Books - April 2023

Historical Romance

Nathaniel Stanton, Earl of Foxstead, needed help. He was now guardian to twenty year old Jocelin March, whose father and husband had both died in battle. She was a young widow with a two year old child, and Nathaniel wished to find her settled with a nice husband. He wanted to do so quickly as she had no remaining family, and once she turned twenty-one, it would be inappropriate for her to remain with him. But he knew exactly who could help them. His best friend's widow.

Elegant Occasions was the success Mrs. Eliza Pierce and her two sisters had hoped, and known, it could be. They used the skills they had learned growing up in society to help others. When Eliza learned of Jocelin's situation, and how she too had been widowed as a result of the same battle, she agreed to take it under consideration.

Spending time with Nathaniel, Eliza begins to doubt the things her husband had told her. Which doubting him had become all too common. Nathaniel was attentive, caring of his sister, and invested in honoring his commitments. He was also someone who would need to find a wife and have heirs, and he had secrets. She had no intention of marrying again, and was tired of secrets.

What Happens in the Ballroom is an excellent addition to Sabrina Jeffries' entertaining Designing Debutantes series. Eliza is an enterprising woman determined to succeed. Nathaniel is dedicated to his family and his vow to help Jocelin. They are both individuals who care strongly for those close to them, and I enjoyed watching them realize their feelings for one another. As with A Duke For Diana, it was interesting to learn more of what goes in to planning and organizing these events.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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