A Duke For Diana

Designing Debutantes Series - Book 1

By Sabrina Jeffries

Zebra Books - May 2022

Historical Romance

Options weren't plentiful for young ladies whose parents created scandal. Luckily for Lady Diana Harper and her two sisters, they had been able to turn their precarious situation into a successful business. They had started Elegant Occasions, where they used their skills to help others navigate ballrooms and parties. Diana knew it would take all their skills, and an abundance of patience, to deal with their newest client. Not Rosabel, the young lady whose debut they would be overseeing, but the brother, who although recently acquired the title of duke, had missed gaining any of societies niceties.

Geoffrey Brookhouse, Duke of Grenwood, wanted his sister to have a successful Season and find a husband. His goals with Elegant Occasions were solely focused on her. He was a civil engineer, building bridges were his forte. Not picking clothes, or monitoring his speech. Which was why he found himself also a client of Elegant Occasions.

Not that Geoffrey minded being the attention of Diana. In fact, he found that sparring and spending time with the woman was the most intriguing aspect of London. But Geoffrey had ulterior motives with his plan to settle Rosy into a happy marriage, for nothing less would do. He knew secrets that if they were revealed could jeopardize the future of everyone he cared for.

A Duke For Diana is a fun introduction to Sabrina Jeffries' fascinating new Designing Debutantes series. Diana and her sisters are strong, independent, business savy women who didn't let circumstances hinder them. And they helped those they chose to do business with, which involved so much more than dresses and curtseys. I enjoyed all of the characters and, of course, the romance between Diana and Geoffrey. For me, the highlight was learning about some of the lesser known aspects of making a successful debut, such as the chalk. It was certainly interesting to see some of the "behind the scenes", if you will, and I look forward to not only the other two sisters finding their own heroes, but hopefully also learning something else new.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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