When We Finally Kiss Good Night

Duke Dynasty Series - Book 6

Short Story in A Yuletide Kiss Anthology

By Sabrina Jeffries

Kensington Books - October 2021

Historical Romance

A Yuletide Kiss anthology consists of three interconnected stories. They all take place concurrently at an inn with minimal staff as it is closed for the holidays. This creates quite an unusual situation where the patrons have to work with the staff for meals, with interesting results including a unique lemon pie, and other chores. Although the stories are related, and a few scenes repeat from different characters' points of views, they do each stand alone. The three stories are When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries, The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter and When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney.

Konrad Juncker had a secret, and it was one that could soon be revealed and would negatively impact his life. For years, he had been the name and face of a series of plays that had been very well received. He had been celebrated, but it had all been a lie. Oh, he had given advice at the playhouses, and written a section here and there, but his friend Thorn, the Duke of Thornstock, was the author. And Thorn had indicated he was finally willing to claim his writing as his own. Which put Konrad in a precarious position. Whereas a Duke could easily come out on top of a scandal of duplicity, Konrad knew he, a mere poet, would not.

He had been on his way to Armitage Hall to discuss Thorn's decision when the weather turned too difficult to continue. Luckily, he knew of a nearby inn. Although the innkeeper indicated it was closed for the holidays, she was willing to allow travelers to stay due to the conditions. Soon, others arrived, including the lovely Miss Flora Younger. A lady he had courted years earlier, and whom he dare not now that his prospects may soon be over.

Flora's relief at discovering the inn were dashed when she learned of Konrad's attendance. Even more jarring was the suspicion that her employer, Lady Whitmarsh, might be conniving to bring them together. She had no wish to revist the past, but as the days pass, Flora begins to wonder if possibly this time, her future was with this man from her past.

In When We Finally Kiss Good Night Konrad finally has his happily-ever-after. We had gotten to know a little of Konrad in the previous Duke Dynasty stories, and it had been obvious there was a history with Flora. It was wonderful to see them reunite. I enjoyed this story as part of the Duke Dynasty series, but it was also very delightful to see how it fit in as part of the A Yuletide Kiss anthology.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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